Amarillo Athlete offers Performance Training to athletes of all ages!

What exactly is Performance Training? 

Performance training involves developing and improving many physical and mental factors to become better athletes.  This includes variables such as speed development, agility training, strength and power development for youth and for older athletes. 

Basically, if you want to become a faster athlete who can jump higher, dominate on the court or field, then Amarillo Athlete is the place for you! 

Our program provides year round training for the youth to become a better athlete.  We are the only facility and program in the Texas Pandhandle that can train the entire athlete.  And that involves much more than just movement training!

Call 356-6900 to schedule your first free session and start the process to becoming the best athlete you can be and optimize your potential.

While increasing your vertical jump and speed for sports like volleyball, basketball, and football to developing  power for golf, baseball, and softball is our specialty, we also offer court and cage rental and our famous birthday parties.

Remember, if you are an athlete, Amarillo Athlete has you covered!


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“As a coach, I have seen several of my athletes join Amarillo Athlete. I have seen tremendous gains in these athletes in speed, agility, and strength. My daughter has also been involved with the organization and benefitted from their programs a great deal. If you are looking to improve your child’s athletic performance, Amarillo Athlete is definitely a place you need to consider. The atmosphere there is great for kids of all ages and abilities and is a positive place with professional leaders who care about helping athletes reach their full potential.”
Amy Price Girls PE/Athletics Bonham Middle School

“I recommend Amarillo Athlete to anyone trying to get a competitive edge on the competition. The staff continues to develop functional strength for my athletes. It’s the perfect atmosphere for driven athletes to train.”
Jeff Williams Amarillo High Girls Basketball Coach